Atayen Inc. Plans To Transform Blockchain Advertising On Social Media

Atayen Inc. Plans to Transform Blockchain Advertising

Tech Firm Plans to Transform Advertising on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Via Blockchain

A new DApp says it allows an advertisement payment design based on outcomes. Publishers are only compensated when the project’s objectives have actually been satisfied.

Spending for the supreme outcome of an ad campaign, and not just impressions or clicks, has always been the dream of marketers. There have actually been efforts to fix this essential issue, but in spite of technological developments, inefficiencies have stayed. Fraud has actually been a concern, with underperforming publishers lacking transparency, which means that advertisers have been not able to ensure whether their campaigns have actually reached the demographics they were guaranteed.

Atayen Inc., a United States-based business that was founded in 2014, and was, till just recently, participated in establishing Facebook apps, has proposed what they call an “oraclized” distributed application that acts as a “performance calculator” for advertisements positioned throughout multiple locations.

Atayen has actually created a decentralized application based upon the Smart Advertisement Transaction Token (SaTT), which implies that the objectives of an advertisement are woven into a smart contract. The DApp independently measures the variety of user interactions with advertising content, and as quickly as the objectives agreed upon between the advertiser and publisher are met, the DApp releases the payment in SaTT to the publisher.

To accomplish this, the DApp uses a variety of external sources of information, or “oracles”, connected to different marketing platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Transparency in ad sales

Transparency in ad salesGauthier Bros, Atayen’s co-founder, sees this app as a herald of the “openness transformation” in online marketing. According to him, this technology may supply a typical basis for determining marketing transactions payments. Bros argues that this improvement is beneficial for marketers along as for publishers. He states:

“Defining a common rule of calculation and payment of advertising operations would bring transparency, security and a faster speed for payments to the advertising sector. It is about creating the constitution that governs an advertising transaction.”

Atayen’s DApp is coded in the Solidity language and allows parties to set a variety of conditions that activate the release of advertising payments to the publisher. The actual transaction closure, the variety of clicks, the number of views and the total financial expenditures are amongst these specifications.

Atayen says the technology isn’t necessarily bound to remain within the digital world, however. Given that it supports an unlimited number of oracles that fill out of real-world events to the DApp, the innovation usage can be extended to direct marketing, print, billboards and TELEVISION advertisements, to any ad channel that can be separately, dependably and automatically measured.

Result-based ad purchases

Result-based ad purchasesThe company sees its innovation as an action to the transformation that the web has actually seen during the last 10 years. Because the vast bulk of traffic now circulates on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just measuring clicks is no longer relevant to marketers’ bottom line, the business argues

Being an enabler of a pay-per-result model for any possible advertising automobile, Atayen’s advertisement tech aims to permit publishers to charge higher, but more justifiable rates. Bros, who is also Atayen’s CEO, says:

“Oracles feed the transactions, which can be a number of clicks, a number of views, a number of leads. After that, the smart contract calculates the amount owed by an advertiser to a publisher and automatically processes the payment. It’s simple, but efficient.”

To strengthen the adoption of its innovation, Atayen presented an easy-to-use wallet to handle SaTT, that, according to its spokesperson, makes transactions in Bitcoin, Ethereum or SaTT as easy as sending an e-mail.

Token liquidity

SaTT is required to purchase and sell marketing transactions in Atayen’s DApp. The business says it has actually taken procedures against hoarding, hodling and speculations around this token. Bros discussed:

“The purpose of cryptocurrency is to be liquid — to be able to buy products and services. In fact, mere speculation is not enough. Take the example of fiat: It is possible to speculate on forex, but the real utility of trading is consumption. Cryptocurrencies must also be bought for a specific purpose, which cannot be exclusively speculation. In the case of SaTT, it’s purpose is to buy advertising.”

SaTT’s ICO is presently in development. At the time of composing, it’s ICOBench score remains in the leading five continuous ICOs, with a 4.6 out of 5 star rating, and is the primary ongoing ICO in regards to the variety of score opinions, as of the “Week 8 of 2019” report. The company sees it as an indication of acknowledgment of its business design and technology by the professional community.

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