26 October 2020







Bitcoin Price Could Triple Even After a Modest Switch From Gold, JP Morgan Says

Despite having a complicated past, it seems that JP Morgan’s love for Bitcoin is growing every day thanks to its potential as an investment...

You Can Now Earn 200% on Your Investments With ETHx2.io

PRESS RELEASE. With the current market crashing and jobs either disappearing or not paying enough, everyone is forced to lower their expenses or work...

Stagnant Crypto Weekend: Bitcoin Temporarily Stopped at $13,000

Following the past couple of days of significant price developments within the cryptocurrency space, most assets have calmed. Bitcoin remains just shy $13,000, while...

Two Strong Ethereum On-Chain Trends Suggest the Trend Is Bullish

Ethereum has undergone a strong rally over the past few days amid a Bitcoin push higher. In the past seven days, ETH has gained...

Bullish: Huge H&S Pattern Developing in Bitcoin With $20K Target At ATH

After quite a volatile rally to $13,000, bitcoin price action has tempered down a bit. But, the case for future gains remains strong, according...

Grayscale Adds $300 Million in Cryptocurrency Assets Under Management in Just 24 Hours

Grayscale Investments said Thursday that it added $300 million in net assets under management (AUM) in just the last 24 hours. ■ The firm...

Adding Coins And Reducing Fees: Will BitMEX Survival Efforts Help Despite The Mandatory KYC?

BitMEX, one of the world’s leading Bitcoin margin trading exchanges, appears to be taking major steps to increase its value proposition. In a couple of...

TA: Ethereum Bulls Aim Big After Recent Surge Above $400: Rally Isn’t Over Yet

Ethereum surged over 10% and it settled nicely above the $400 resistance against the US Dollar. ETH price is consolidating gains and it seems...

Grayscale Adds $300M in One Day, as AUM Hits New High

Institutional crypto fund Grayscale has reached a record high in terms of assets under management as institutions fuel the Bitcoin bull run. Grayscale has been...

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