29 November 2020







India to Digitize Cargo Trade Documents Using CargoX Blockchain Platform

The Indian Port Community System has integrated blockchain platform CargoX in a bid to digitize its cargo documentation. As the COVID-19 pandemic takes a toll...

80% of US and European Institutional Investors Find Cryptocurrency Appealing: Survey

A new survey of about 800 institutional investors in the U.S. and Europe shows strong cryptocurrency adoption, particularly bitcoin. About 80% of institutions said...

A Second Ethereum Transaction With $2.6 Million Fee From The Same Address Just Took Place

Yesterday, an unusual transaction grabbed the community’s attention as someone paid 10,668 ETH (over $2.6 million) in fees, while the value it transmitted was...

Ethereum Retreats From $250 But 100 Hourly SMA Could Trigger Fresh Surge

Ethereum gained traction above the $245 resistance, but it struggled to clear the $250 resistance against the US Dollar. ETH price is likely to...

Filecoin (FIL) Spikes 45% As First SEC Approved ICO Nears Launch After 6 Year Wait

Six years on from the publication of its original whitepaper, Filecoin (FIL) has launched an incentivized testnet designed to test the network in realistic...

Loophole in U.S. Tax Law Could Allow Bitcoin Traders to Write off Unlimited Losses

A loophole in the U.S. tax law could allow qualified bitcoin traders to write off unlimited losses from their trading activities, according to an...

Global Stock Markets To Crash Soon, According to eToro’s CEO

Global equity markets have had a spectacular run following the crash in mid-March. The S&P 500 has almost fully recovered, while Nasdaq is already...

Physically-Backed Bitcoin ETC to Launch in Germany with Regulator Approval

Bitcoin is expected to land on Germany’s Deutsche Börse XETRA stock exchange in the form of a physically-backed ETC in the coming week. According to...

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