1 April 2020

Cam Abel


I'm a blessed family man with a thirst for the blockchain, cryptocurrency and a student of never ending personal development. Proud to be a Foundation Member of BrixCoin - #CryptoDoneRight




Crypto Analysts Predict $800 BTC Price if 2018 Trend Repeats

  A different day, a different grim piece of analysis. A well known analyst claims that as Bitcoin (BTC) has yet to break out of...

Don’t Disregard JPM or Facebooks Coin – Could They Stimulate Bitcoin?

  At long last, incumbent institutions of legacy industries have begun to look into cryptocurrencies, not just blockchain technological innovations. While Bitcoin (BTC) has continued...

$6.5 Million Raised By NY Startup For Institutions to Store Crypto

  When it comes to crypto asset security, there has been a new institutional standard set after over six million dollars was raised by a...

Bitcoin to 1 Million – Ridiculous Claim Or Just a Matter Of Time?

New and highly anticipated excitement of a crypto "move" has once again ignited the call that the Bitcoin price will reach $1,000,000. It's just...

Whale Alert: Why are $100 Million ETH on Their Way to Binance

In a very interesting development, an enormous Ethereum (ETH) transaction that included 707,112 ETH ($99,383,302) was discovered today, on February 25th, at 06:31:35 AM...

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