Cam Abel


I'm a blessed family man with a thirst for the blockchain, cryptocurrency and a student of never ending personal development. Proud to be a Foundation Member of BrixCoin - #CryptoDoneRight




US Customers Set To Receive Google Pay and Apple Pay Support By Coin Wallet

Coin wallet, a secure multi-currency web-based wallet along with user-owned private keys, is concentrating on a mobile payments rollout. Their September app update will...

Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao Launches His Own Cryptocurrency

In yet another healthy and encouraging sign that the world of crypto will eventually assume mass adoption, Manny Pacquiao, an out and out boxing...

$10K Holds Key For Bitcoin Recovery

As has been clearly observed in the last few days, there has been a major downward move below the $10,000 support in BTC price...

Bitcoin Chart Suggesting Similarities To 2016 Bull Market?

In the last few days, we have seen Bitcoin's price significantly drop down all the way to beneath $10,000 USD. While the usual volatility...

Four Figure Bitcoin Buyers Line Up But Where To Next?

For the last 7 days, the market chop has carried on as Bitcoin has oscillated between $11k and the high $9k price ranges. It...

Altcoins Enjoy A Move Adding $15 Billion To Crypto Markets

The weekend has been predominately one of consolidation for crypto markets as Bitcoin has actually held on to gains to keep it in five...

Could A Looming Recession Position Bitcoin As Investors Alternative?

The world-wide economy has been facing increasing downwards squeezing as of late that has sparked significant fear amid regular investors, and currently one historically...

Negative Ethereum Sentiment Could Trigger Dive To $200

Bitcoin's recent ascent has turned out to be a negative thing for the aggregated crypto markets, as it has led the majority of altcoins--...

Aussie Digital Set To Disrupt eCommerce With New Platform

Fans of Fairness and specifically those that run as well as support small to medium sized business will absolutely love the sensational new platform...

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