28 March 2020

Maggi Pier


Maggi Pier is a writer, artist, organic gardener, online marketer, philanthropist, crypto-enthusiast and founding member of Brixcoin. Her mission is to help others succeed online and to advance the primary mission of Brixcoin's special initiatives projects: Philanthropy for local communities in need. Surrounded by family, friends and extended family, she lives an abundant life in Locust Grove, Georgia, USA.




Vietnamese Youth Union Adopts Blockchain For 20 Million Students

Blockchain Technology For Vietnamese Students Blockchain Technology awareness has been growing in the Vietnam market. However, most of the current ongoing events often focus on...

International Conference on Industry 4.0 – MY INDUSTRIES 2019

International Conference on Industry 4.0 A Global Revolution in Business, Technology & Productivity October 14th - 16th, 2019 2019's Industry 4.0 Conference, located at SEGi University, Kota Damansara...

Give Nation Kosovo Partnership – Blockchain Philanthropy

Give Nation partners with Kosovo to educate children 7 to 18 to become entrepreneurs and reconnect with core principles and values through education, blockchain,...

First GIVE Nation Ambassador – 11 Year Old Vegan Chef Omari McQueen

Give Nation, a crypto powered charity, appoints Omari McQueen, UK's youngest award-winning Vegan Chef & Founder/CEO of Dipalicious as their first ambassador. Omari McQueen, a...

Ron Paul Calls Anti-Crypto Congressman Brad Sherman A Thug

Ron Paul: Anti-Crypto Congressman Is ‘Just Another Thug in Washington’ Previous GOP lawmaker and former presidential candidate Ron Paul had some extreme words for Congressman...

Travel Meets Blockchain: Guider.Travel – the Uber of Travel

Unique Global Travel App that Connects Travelers with Local Guides Launches Market IEO In an industry worth some $2 Trillion annually, international travelers frequently struggle...

New Video Series: 8 Reasons How Bitcoin Will Change the World

  New Video Series Debuts – How Bitcoin Will Change the World Bitcoin.com has launched a new video series for those with crypto-curiousity. Offering a new...

Life After The Bitfinex And Tether Fiasco: What’s Next For Crypto?

As The Digital Dust Settles, Where Will Crypto Markets Go Next? As the digital dust starts to settle from the Bitfinex and Tether mess experts...

Russia to Test Crypto in Four of Its Regions

Russia Preparing To Test Cryptocurrencies In Four Regions The Russian Federation, which is yet to manage digital assets, is now planning to permit 4 of...

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