‘B’ From Bitcoin And Friends Appeals To Roger Ver …


Poor Old ‘B’ Needs Help From Roger Ver …

Following on from the very first episode of Bitcoin & Friends, which we covered in our previous post, or friend ‘B’ (Bitcoin) is now appealing (extorting) for funds from one of the biggest angel investors and early bitcoin adopters in the Shape of Roger Ver …

It is another amusing snippet video that has come out of the Bitcoin & friends studio and we have captured the transcript from this video below …

And action…

'B' Bitcoin StarDear Roger, I’m starring in a series called Bitcoin and Friends and we’re casting for the character of Roger Pear. And much like you, he was an early Bitcoin adopter and influencer.

Anyway, We’re down to casting couch these two characters for the part…

No, no, no, just casting. Casting couch is a whole other thing. (director)

Oh. Oh, okay. We’re down to casting these two actors. Uh, uh, uh, for the part. And um,
the guy on the right charges considerably more than the guy on the left.

And um, yeah, we’re hoping to raise a little money so we can you know, hire the more handsome actor uh, for the part of Roger Pear.

Wait, aren’t these just animations? We could do whatever we want though, right?

No, no, Bitcoin, we don’t want him to know that. (director)

Hmm. It’s, kinda sounds like extortion…

No Bitcoin, we aren’t demanding anything (director) we’re just trying to get him to donate.

Oh, what do I know? Anyhow Roger, thanks for watching this and, um, we really hope that you’ll donate some Bitcoin Cash to the Bitcoin and Friends show.

bitcoin and friends donate

Thanks. Roger, this is our Bitcoin Cash Donation Address.


Sincerely, Bitcoin

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