“Bitcoin and Friends” Funny And Risque First Episode Airs


“Bitcoin and Friends” Animated Series Airs Spicy First Episode

There’s a brand-new animated series called “Bitcoin and Friends” that’s been making its rounds across the web after the very first episode was released by Uncle Chris Productions. The funny and often vulgar cartoon is an eight-part series that intends to make individuals laugh throughout the depressing bearish market and the crypto saltiness on social networks.

Bitcoin and Friends Search for the Elusive Father of Crypto

On March 29, Uncle Chris Productions launched the first episode of an eight-part series that encapsulates the life of a lonely bitcoin looking for his lost daddy. The program “Bitcoin and Friends” stars “B,” a bitcoin who discovers himself in a hospital and starts an experience to find out who he is and who produced him. Along the way, B discovers some wacky buddies in the very first episode, called “Tears of a Clown”, whose storyline is based in New Jersey back in 2009.

Bitcoin and Friends Search for the Elusive Father of Crypto
B wakes up in a hospital lab and begins searching for his father and purpose.

The lead character meets an assortment of characters including his father Satoshi Nakamoto, Pal Fifty, Itty Bitty, Mitalik, Ethereum, and the Bankster Henchmen. The program’s whole first episode can be seen right here, though be cautioned the show is NSFW and can be a bit risqué at times. The cartoon’s remaining seven episodes are completely crowd-funded and fans can contribute to “Bitcoin and Friends” through the official website.

Adding to the show features advantages which include the possibility of getting your own individualized character in the show, personal screenings, and digital figurines depending on how much is contributed. Users can contribute BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, NEO, and 12 other cryptocurrencies.

getting your own individualized character in the show

The funds are allocated towards the production spending plan that consists of assigning the cash to voice skills, sound design, initial music, music licensing, and character style. The manufacturer of “Bitcoin and Friends,” Robert Allen, discussed during the episode launch that “the story of Bitcoin and crypto is so vibrant that it was an obvious bonanza of excellent funny and compelling characters and stories.”

“In the pilot episode, we begin at the beginning of bitcoin in 2009 and wanted to show the frailty and unpredictability of those early days,” explains Uncle Chris, the program’s director and the voice of the lead character called B. “Bitcoin will end up being more powerful and confident as the season progresses,” Uncle Chris included.

The character known as Mitalik.
The character known as Mitalik.

Vomiting Proof-of-Work

Throughout the episode, we find that B suffers from a condition known as “proof-of-work” which occurs when he vomits a lot of smaller bitcoins out of his mouth. B likewise fulfills an African American character named Jones who takes the bitcoin to satisfy the all-knowing inventor of Ethereum called ‘Mitalik.’ The show’s creators intend to use the humor and New Jersey lifestyle as a way to “inform non-crypto people about bitcoin and related technologies and bring them into the space.” “We believe it could be an excellent entry point for the non-initiated and we likewise hope the program will be a bit of a pressure release valve for the crypto community at large,” Allen discussed in a current interview.

Vomiting Proof-of-Work

The next 7 episodes are on hold until enough funding has actually been protected, and the synopsis of the upcoming stories is locked till financing is completed. Nevertheless, the next episodes are titled already and include program titles Existence Crisis, The Silky Road, Federal Undercover Agents (F.U.D.), The White Paper, A Coin On A Mission, The Big Bank, and Jamie Sapphire & The Rod Of Truth.

A Coin On A Mission

Uncle Chris Productions is also trying to find assistance if individuals would like to add to the brand-new comedy series based upon the initial cryptocurrency. The production crew is looking for talented writers, editors, animators, and illustrators to keep the ball rolling and anybody can connect to the team. While everyone’s bags are heavy and worth way less than last year, cryptocurrency fans can still lighten their hearts with a little laughter from this unique show about a lost bitcoin in search of his father.

What do you think about the new series called “Bitcoin and Friends?” Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Image credits: Bitcoin and Friends, and Youtube.

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