Brixcoin Sending Transaction Too Large – How To Fix It

Brixcoin Support How To fix Transaction Too Large Error

How To Fix ‘Transaction Too Large’ Error Messages

This is specifically for the Brixcoin project, however, you will find that this video tutorial will also fix other cryptocurrency wallets showing the same error message as above.

How To Solve The “Transaction too large” Error

This guide will help you understand and solve the “Transaction too large” Error

If you have mined for several days, weeks and months to the same wallet address (or oif you wanted to send your whole CMM balance at once to an exchange or to another wallet), you may have encountered the following error window:

The reason for this error message isn´t some kind of flaw in the wallet or bad coding, rather a protection of the blockchain from a transaction that is pages and pages long.

There are at least three reasons a transaction may be too large:

A large number of transparent outputs – caused by a large number of recipients. A large number of transparent inputs – caused by a large amount of transparent value … Many JoinSplits (shielded ZEC transfers) – caused by a large amount of shielded value

Option 1

Currently, the best workaround for this issue is to use multiple transactions with smaller values (or fewer recipients).

Every time you enter a number into the Amount tab, it shows you, how many bytes will be used for the specific transaction.

To avoid the error message and don´t trigger the inbuilt protection, you may use a transaction size beneath 50,000 bytes.

This is a known usability problem that we’re working on several fixes for.

Option 2

You can use the web wallet for mining and every certain amount of days or weeks, transfer the mined coins to your windows wallet to prevent multiple transactions and the transaction too large issue.

Make sure to save the private key and the passphrase of the web wallet.

Option 3

Some pools have a system in place, where you can set your own payout amount. We would strongly advise you to set the payment value as high as possible (Payout only once/twice per day).

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