BTC Pullback Begins, Losing 11% In Just Hours

Bitcoin Pullback Begins?

People have been talking about it for a while therefore the most up to date crypto market trends have definitely not been unexpected. The instant Bitcoin hit $9k it quickly recoiled like a reaction from a bee sting. The following candles were big red ones sending BTC down a thousand dollars in a number of hours. Has the big correction finally begun?

Bitcoin Dumps 11% in a Couple of Hours

For the best part of yesterday Bitcoin hovered just above $8,700. One big increase a few hours ago launched BTC up to a new high for the year at $9,100 according to charts from Tradingview. It did not stay there long though and the response was fast and substantial with the following hourly candle unloading $500 back to $8,600.

BTC Chart

BTC price 1HR candles –

From there, BTC fell even further as fears of the big pullback started to set in. The low point came six hours later on when Bitcoin approached $8,000 again. Once again it did not stay there long and instantly bounced off the support level back to $8,250 where it has currently settled.

Crypto trader Josh Rager had currently predicted that any pullback would occur before Bitcoin reached its next resistance zone which was in the mid $9,000 s.

β€œ$BTC pullback came before the level everyone was expecting. Please read retweets from the last couple days. Majority have been front run all year and this is another case. Could still bounce from low $8ks to $9k+ but would like to see a daily close above $8200. Bulls stepping in,”

This appears to be what is currently happening as Bitcoin starts to consolidate just above $8,200 during Asian trading today. In a subsequent tweet, Rager adds that the move could be a prelude to a larger drop. He has been quite accurate so far.

Altcoins Hammered Again

Altcoins Dump

As per usual the altcoins have been hit harder by Bitcoin’s big move. Total crypto market capitalization has been clobbered by $20 billion as it relapses to $260 billion from yesterday’s ten month high. Volume has heaved to over $100 billion suggesting that greater things are about to happen.

A sea of red has wrapped up the top fifteen crypto assets this Friday and some a dropping double digits. Ethereum has plunged over 8 percent as it relapses towards $250, EOS and Litecoin are not far behind. The most significant loss, as expected, is Bitcoin SV which has been smashed 20 percent following its fake news induced pump yesterday.

Day trading aside, most operate in agreement that the next big upswing has already started and these corrections are simply just natural factors of the ups and downs of markets. If this is the beginning of the big 30 percent pullback then Bitcoin will revisit $6k and total market cap will back below $200 billion. The uptrend will still be intact and accumulation will start triggering the next run up.Image from Shutterstock

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