18 January 2022
Elon Musk Paper Money is Going Away Because Of Bitcoins Brilliant Structure

Elon Musk: Paper Money is Going Away Because Of Bitcoin’s Brilliant Structure

Digital currency is “a better way to transfer value,” while Bitcoin has a “quite brilliant” structure, stated Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Technology business owner and Tesla...

Upwards Momentum Continues – BTC On The Move to $10,000?

Even after going up against increased levels of downwards pressure earlier this week that momentarily placed Bitcoin's upwards momentum at risk, the cryptocurrency has...
BTC Correction

Huge $30 Billion Crypto Dump Triggers BTC Correction

Market corrections are a natural aspect of their movements so we really should not be surprised when they appear. Analysts and traders have actually...
Bitcoin v Libra

Libra Cryptocurrency Continues To Cause Controversy – BTC Lovers Unimpressed

Cryptocurrency Leaders Unimpressed with Facebook’s Libra After years of tranquil co-existence, the 2 most significant innovation developments to hit the marketplace this century are finally...
BTC 10K Bridge

$10K Holds Key For Bitcoin Recovery

As has been clearly observed in the last few days, there has been a major downward move below the $10,000 support in BTC price...
Bitcoin Scams

Scammers Take Advantage of Bullish Bitcoin FOMO

Together with steadily increasing prices, the quantity of Bitcoin scams is also increasing again. Both Peter McCormack and Andreas Antonopoulos have warned their Twitter...
Bitcoin Auction

Will Whales Again Buy Up Seized BTC At Auction?

  The US Marshals Service is calling for support taking care of confiscated or surrendered cryptocurrency. The federal government body is seeking out firms to...
Mt. Gox CEO Claims

Mt. Gox CEO Claims Coinlab & Brock Pierce Deals Never Transpired

Mt. Gox CEO Claims the Coinlab and Brock Pierce Deals Never Materialized On Feb. 19, the previous CEO of Mt. Gox, Mark Karpeles, offered an...
Luxury Home Bitcoin Auction

Real Estate Agent Holding Bitcoin Luxury Home Auction Live!

A notable Australian real estate team is conducting a luxury home auction that can be bought with two cryptocurrencies. There will be a live...
Bitcoin Train Passes 64% Dominance

Alts Derailed as Bitcoin Train Smashes 64% Market Dominance!

For the 3rd day in a row, the speeding freight train that is Bitcoin has burst through resistance and propelled even higher. The surge...