15 November 2019
Bull Market Coming

Clear Path for BTC Until $10K – Bulls Ready to Move?

It's at this moment abundantly clear that Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto markets are in a firm uptrend, with BTC and various major cryptos...

Upwards Momentum Continues – BTC On The Move to $10,000?

Even after going up against increased levels of downwards pressure earlier this week that momentarily placed Bitcoin's upwards momentum at risk, the cryptocurrency has...
BTC Fights Back

BTC Fights Back To $8K – 2019 High Coming Soon?

Corrections come with the game. 2 days ago, when publishing our freshly released analysis, we witnessed Bitcoin correcting violently down, even touching $6300 on...
BTC Correction

Huge $30 Billion Crypto Dump Triggers BTC Correction

Market corrections are a natural aspect of their movements so we really should not be surprised when they appear. Analysts and traders have actually...
Bullish Bitcoin

Stress Less, Bitcoin “Nuking” $6,400 Resistance Is Extremely Bullish

Overnight, Bitcoin (BTC) has begun to ease off, with bullish momentum falling off across the board. However, some say it may be a bit...
bitcoin dominance v altcoins

Bitcoin Dominance Asserts Itself Once More As Altcoins Struggle

Bitcoin Dominance At Its Highest Level Since 2017: Altcoins Continue Their Bleed To Death It's official. The altcoin season is over. Bitcoin dominance has returned...
How High Can Bitcoin Go

Bitcoin Once Again Reaches $6000 – How High Can It Go?

It took the master of the cryptocurrencies close to six months, but ultimately, Bitcoin made it and reached the $6000 mark! The last time...
Bitcoin Hash Rate Surges

Bitcoin Hash Rate Surges 40% Nearing ATH

Bitcoin's price has observed a renewed interest throughout the past several weeks, according to its upswing. The asset's hash rate also has been moving...

New Video Series: 8 Reasons How Bitcoin Will Change the World

  New Video Series Debuts – How Bitcoin Will Change the World Bitcoin.com has launched a new video series for those with crypto-curiousity. Offering a new...
Post Bitfinex-Tether Fiasco whats next for crypto

Life After The Bitfinex And Tether Fiasco: What’s Next For Crypto?

As The Digital Dust Settles, Where Will Crypto Markets Go Next? As the digital dust starts to settle from the Bitfinex and Tether mess experts...