Crypto Investors Refuse To Report Taxes – Or Do They?

Crypto Investors Refuse To Report Taxes

Overwhelming Majority of Bitcoin and Crypto Investors Refuse to Report Taxes

As the tax deadline draws nearer, crypto investors will require to review their losses and gains connected to their Bitcoin and altcoin holdings and figure out if they are required to report them on their taxes.

However, according to a current Twitter poll, the huge majority of crypto financiers are declining to report their taxes, and are willing to risk stiff penalties ought the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) discover the unreported incomes.

With bitcoin down more than 50 percent during 2018, there’s a possibility some investors have triggered (or will activate) a tax loss this year by either selling, trading or investing their digital assets. And while those losses can be used to balance out any other financial investment gains, it might raise eyebrows at the IRS if it’s the very first time the agency is becoming aware of your crypto holdings.

Crypto Investors Say “No Chance” to Reporting Taxes

This coming Monday is the tax due date in the United States, a time when procrastinators rush to the post office in hopes of getting their last-minute tax reporting time-stamped prior to the due date has actually passed.

Crypto Investors Say “No Chance” to Reporting TaxesAccording to a brand-new survey shared on Twitter by crypto-focused Youtube character Crypto Wendy O, crypto financiers are refusing to report their crypto taxes. The survey exposed that 81% of all participants replied with “not a possibility” when asking what the status of their crypto taxes was.

5% said they “will begin next week”, which is the day the due date is up, while 15% of crypto financiers reveal they are “presently doing them.” The survey strangely leaves out an option for crypto investors who have already finished their tax returns.

Following last year’s bearishness, numerous investors in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may have realized more losses than gains, nevertheless, taxpayers are still needed to report any losses on capital asset transactions that they made within the tax year, regardless if it was a gain or not. Failing to properly report taxes can result in charges or prison time.

Bitcoin Taxes Don’t Need To Be Difficult, There’s No Excuse Not to Report

Bitcoin TaxesCrypto investing is already risky due to it being an emerging market and an innovation that isn’t yet totally made use of at scale, but avoiding paying taxes is straight-out playing with fire. Exchanges are actively dealing with the IRS to supply customer information, which can and will be utilized to compare versus reported revenues or losses. Those that fail to report correctly are at risk of an audit, or even worse.

The IRS has made it clear over the last couple of years that bitcoin and the other 1,500-plus digital assets are on its radar. Previously this year, the agency released a notification to advise taxpayers that crypto transactions come with tax ramifications.

Reporting your crypto taxes does not have to be tough. There are several services out there, including, which immediately pulls exchange API data to programmatically calculate capital gains and losses, and spits out all the proper tax return.

Turbo Tax and others have also begun using solutions for investors and traders to report precisely.

Bitcoin Is A Property NOT A CurrencyGenerally, the agency views bitcoin and its brethren as residential or commercial property, not currency, for tax functions. This suggests that whether you offer it for cash, trade it for another cryptocurrency or use at a merchant that accepts it as payment, the distinction between what you initially purchased it for, your cost basis, and its value upon sale is either a gain or a loss.

Financiers with numerous trades might find themselves overwhelmed, but as CryptoTaxGirl points out, total gains and losses per coins are enough to report, not each and every single trade is needed. Finally, she reminds everybody that may need more time, or have second thoughts about not reporting their cryptocurrency taxes, can apply for an extension to allow for more time.

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