Crypto Market Wrap: IOTA FOMO Stabilizing Markets

IOTA FOMO keeps market steady

Market Wrap

For the most part, Crypto markets are still quite lethargic this Monday morning. Following a saturday and sunday of inactivity things still have yet to awaken for most crypto assets. Total market capitalization has continued to be above $170 billion as the sideways trading continues.

Bitcoin has been pretty much inert for the past 24 hours, hitting $5,320 twice before drawing back to $5,260. During the time of writing BTC was trading just over $5,300 once again, no change from this time yesterday. Bitcoin remains in the channel for now.

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Ethereum has slid back a bit and is presently at $158, still fairly weak taking into consideration recent gains. ETH has dumped over 7 percent since this moment last week and has developed a down trend as it continues to weaken.

The top ten has much more red than green in it throughout today’s Asian trading session. Bitcoin Cash has dropped the most as it recedes 4 percent to $254. Continued selling pressure will definitely permit EOS to retake fourth place soon as the market cap gap is now merely $50 million. Litecoin has gone down another 2 percent back to $70 but the remainder are untouched.

Top twenty action is a little more active with IOTA having a moonshot right now. The big partnership with Jaguar is today’s top news and IOTA has pumped 15 percent on the day to reach $0.31. Maker is also back in form with a 7 percent surge at the moment taking MKR to $557 and Ethereum Classic is up 3 percent.

Dumping hard following yesterday’s pump is Ontology shedding 7 percent on the day. Tezos is similarly having a pullback dropping just about 5 percent today.

FOMO: ODEM Still Cranking

ODEM Token

The Fear Of Missing Out has gone on for ODEM today as the education and learning based token increases an additional 15 percent. Over the past week ODE has made over 50 percent and traction rolls on for now. A very close second also with similar gains is IOTA, swelling on the recent partnership headlines. Japan’s Monacoin has crept back over a dollar with 10 percent gained on the day.

There are no double digit dumps today yet Ontology is at the bottom of the top one hundred pile closely followed by Dent going down 6 percent.

Total crypto market capitalization has stagnated since yesterday and continues to be at a touch below $172 billion. Daily volume is still around $40 billion and the consolidation continues. There is hardly any news to document from crypto land today aside from the IOTA fomo.

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