Fake News : Brixcoin A New Bitcoin Or Is It?


Mulling Over Brixcoin Being A New Bitcoin … Anyone Have Any Ideas As To Why That Could Or Should Be?

First discussed within the Brixcoin Discord Channel and edited here for posterity :

Brixcoin Entry

The first thing I like is that the entry point is currently very low … so the possibility or probability of large returns is high. lets look at the entry points :

A) Purchase of Brix :

Brix can currently be purchased at super low prices due to ‘impatient or uneducated’ sellers of BRIX

B) Mining of Brix :

Another easy entry point for little capital outlay. Buy an X11 miner from eBay and run it at your expense … We highly recommend using x11’s within the home, attic, garage or cellar as heat sources that make a little extra on the side …

Brixcoin Conspiracy

C) Brix Masternode :

Very easy ‘mining’ supplement, where the only expense is the hosting of the masternode (approx $35/yr) … PLUS 1000 Brix as the ‘savings’ collateral … and as our price stands, a masternode is a very low entry point into crypto.

The Usability of Brix

A) Brix is continually developing platforms that have a real use purpose for Brix … Our latest offering of Advertising Space + Syndication via our very own News Portal is just one way of using Brix …

Brixworkz Community

B) How’s about using Brix to pay for your masternode hosting, or how’s about using another cryptocurrency to purchase VPS hosting for masternodes?

C) How’s about using Brix to purchase digital items or marketing services for either yourself or small business

D) How’s about using Brix for hosting your own e-commerce website?

The Functionality Of Brix

minebig mining pool A) Adaptability :

I love it that Brixcoin Core has OUR version of ‘Dark Gravity Wave’ … Something that ebbs and flows with the numbers of miners on the network … we would obviously love it for the ‘smaller’ entrepreneurs out there to be given a chance …

I also love it, that we have developed our own mining pool so that the smaller ‘farmers’ out there can come along and pay small amounts in mining fees (currently 0.5%) … with servers currently in Europe & South Africa

ezi-masternodesB) Continuous Development :

Brix is continually growing and developing every aspect of it’s operation … Masternode Hosting has always been our core business and through EziMasternodes, it cannot become simpler, sales in this area are growing steadily with one ‘masternode investor’ picking up 21 nodes … We hope you can see, this brings in a steady revenue for Brixcoin as a whole …

Other development is also ongoing with work on our ‘special project initiatives’, apps, gaming etc. being worked on concurrently. … also, because of a need within the market, we developed CryptoScoop.News to be the basis of our Advertising platform that will only accept BRIX for Advertisers & Publishers

crypto scoop newsC) For The Good Of The Whole

Everything we do, we do out of a necessity for our members, but what we are really all about is ‘Doing The Right Thing’, or as another member of ours proudly hashtags: #cryptodoneright

We are here to speak up for the downtrodden of the world, we are here to support those who support their communities but most of all we are here to adhere to the Principles of Satoshi Nagamoto (Bitcoin’s Brother named BRIX for short)

We Have The Technology, Help Us Make A Difference

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