First GIVE Nation Ambassador – 11 Year Old Vegan Chef Omari McQueen

give nation ambassador

Give Nation, a crypto powered charity, appoints Omari McQueen, UK’s youngest award-winning Vegan Chef & Founder/CEO of Dipalicious as their first ambassador.

Omari McQueen, a super youth entrepreneur, has been running his award-winning organization, Dipalicious from the tender young age of 8 after developing delicious vegan treats from his home with his siblings! He has now become the world’s youngest restauranteur Amazing! Congratulations are in order. Not only is he the youngest restaurant proprietor in the world, but also the very first ambassador to GIVE Nation.

Omari’s Mission

Omari McQueen has a passion to bring people together through his delicious creations without hurting animals. He’s been effectively bringing healthy well balanced vegan meals to his growing consumer base for many years!

He decided to learn to be a chef before he became a vegan. It was only when he chose to make food that everyone could eat that he discovered veganism after coming across a PETA UK video on YouTube. He became very determined to know more about veganism and decided he would become vegan and teach other children about the food that they eat.

His mother Leah reports;” Omari has always shown a passion for cooking but from the age of seven he started preparing meals after I ended up being ill with hemiplegic migraines. His daddy and I began to teach Omari and his older sibling Laquarn how to prepare meals to assist me when I was unable to stand and as his father was working late,” the business owner’s site states.

“Omari has gone from strength to strength and practices different cooking skills and meals daily, he researches the benefits of everything he cooks and works out the benefits of what he eats.”

GIVE Nation First Ambassador Omari McQueen isn’t just taking the restaurant market by storm, the young entrepreneur also holds workshops from home, educating and teaching other children how to cook plant-based food.

With the recording of his first YouTube video at only eight-years-old, he garnered much attention. Some fans state it was the vegan pizza utilizing his own dip that produced such an uprise, but GIVE Nation feels it was the warmth of his kind and caring heart that attracted so many celebrities including Daniel Radcliffe, Levi Roots, and Kevin Hart.

Omari Needs Your Support!

Has been working diligently to grow his company and with growth comes the need for more capital as he prepares to open his physical restaurant. Omari will be hosting his very first vegan pop-up dining establishment in Boxpark, Croydon, from August 17-24 and has unforeseen last-minute costs.

He needs assistance acquiring eco-friendly food containers and the upfront costs of high-quality food.

Mom, Leah states; “Food ingredients at £1.5k, Food and drink takeaway packaging with labels at £900 Or Contacts of a company that would be able to provide either. We have also funded £1k ourselves. All sponsors will have their company named in all press releases and leaflets given to all customers.”

A GoFundMe has been created to help support Omari on his great venture.

Omari’s GoFundMe:

Invest in Omari – Support Our Kids!

Omari is giving 10% back to his favorite charities and donating his food, time and cooking classes. Supporting Omari is an investment in the future of our youth.

You can choose from a selection of dips, snacks, juice packs, and seasonings.

Have a look at Omari’s Instagram to stay up to date with the list of influencers that follow him!
You can see his interviews on BBC Radio, ITV News, PETA, and a variety of other sources.

With the expansion of Dipalicious, through his new restaurant venture, he can provide healthy Balanced Vegan Pre Packed meals and Seasonings to families around the UK.

Who is GIVE Nation?

Give Nation

Through the power of cryptocurrency, the Give Nation promotes an altruistic culture in young minds by improving the planet through promoting acts of kindness. The future generation, in return, achieves happiness and sustainable financial well-being through education and blockchain technology; while supporting charities.

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