Freelance For Coins: Publish Coin Offers On New Freelance Crypto Platform

    Freelance For Coins: Publish Coin Offers On New Freelance Crypto Platform

    New Freelancing Platform Supports 12 Different Cryptocurrencies

    There’s a brand-new freelancing platform called Freelance for Coins that provides users with the ability to publish deals and bids for cryptocurrencies. In order to help facilitate offers between users, the service not just allows individuals to publish their quotes and deals, but also supplies them with a messenger for chatting. It also makes it possible for crypto invoices for coins like BTC, BCH, ETH, XMR, and a couple of stablecoins.

    Free for Professionals Interested in Crypto Payments

    A new service called Freelance for Coins intends to promote the use of digital assets and freelance work by enabling users to position deals and quotes for freelance services. The platform has been running for about a week now. Cryptocurrencies are a great way for freelancers to make money online due to the fact that individuals can earn money instantly, there are no chargebacks, and the funds can be sent out in a permissionless way.

    Posting a project on Freelance for Coins.

    “I am proud to introduce you to our new project,” the founder of Freelance for Coins stated during the launch. “All freelance work for cryptocurrencies — Currently there are no platform fees — Guaranteed payment for freelancers.”

    The founder also stated:

    Freelance for Coins aims to help solve problems skilled workers face in order to create a more efficient global job market, reducing the friction experienced in the present-day freelancing process.

    Freelance For Coins
    Offer list has services like writing, website creation, social media marketing, web scraping services, and translations.

    Invoices for 12 Cryptocurrencies

    Registering for the service is user-friendly and only needs an e-mail address and password. At the moment there are a bunch of offers from freelancers on the primary feed offering services for things like Python development, writing, site development, social media marketing, web scraping services, and translations. Deals show a description of the service offered and a beginning price. Listed below the description, there is a “purchase this offer” button which causes a message area where users can conduct a handle a peer-to-peer style. After the 2 parties reach a concurred price, an invoice can be produced in the message center for cryptocurrencies BTC, TUSD, ETH, BCH, EOS, LTC, USDC, USDT, XLM, TRX, DASH, and XMR.

    Freelance For Coins Invoices for 12 Cryptocurrencies
    Freelance for Coins messaging.

    Freelance for Coins also has a roadmap, and during its first week, the developer integrated the following functions: the capability to release and edit projects, bidding for projects, bidding for offers, chat services for deals and quotes, and crypto billings. The project’s founder also plans to include a ranking and review system, confidential feedback, social profile integration (Linkedin, Github, Reddit, etc.), and automated detection of transactions.

    New Freelancing Platform Supports 12 Different Cryptocurrencies
    Freelance for Coins provides invoicing for 12 cryptocurrencies.

    Despite the Bear Market, Freelancers Are Offering Services for Crypto

    “We believe that every freelancer in the future will have had at least one project done for crypto and every year cryptocurrency adoption grows with no stopping in sight,” explains a blog post by Freelance for Coins. “We plan to take it slowly and attract users and earn their trust over time, adding new features and making this site more and more usable every day.”

    In the meantime, the service is complimentary, however, the Freelance for Coins roadmap says that it may include an escrow service for 1-2% commission however the start-up recommends using pre-payment and milestone payments in the meantime. Today the platform’s developer also included categories for offers so people can filter for the type of services they are searching for. The creator of the independent application upgraded the community on Feb. 27 and the service has actually managed to capture a variety of freelancers.

    “Despite the bear market in crypto, many people are very willing to offer their services for crypto,” the founder pointed out.


    Image credits: Shutterstock, Freelance for Coins, and Jamie Redman.

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