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Give Nation Kosovo Partnership

Give Nation partners with Kosovo to educate children 7 to 18 to become entrepreneurs and reconnect with core principles and values through education, blockchain, and philanthropy.

Give Nation’s hearts and minds have been captured by Kosovo… A match made in heaven. “As a representative of Give Nation, I am thrilled to build, in Kosovo, the first step of a great journey for humanity where money with purpose and impact becomes an intrinsic part of our day to day” founder Arnaud Saint-Paul stated during a meeting with Prime Minister Enrij Hoxhaj at the Government building in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo on February 4th, 2019.

Arnaud presented the GIVE Nation initiative and vision for Kosovo for the up and coming next few years, expressing the idea of a society based on empathy, compassion, and altruism, during a productive 15-minute meeting.

As stated on Give’s website “Through the power of cryptocurrency, the Give Nation promotes an altruistic culture in young minds. The future generation, in return, achieves happiness and financial well-being through education and blockchain technology; while supporting charities.”

Kosovo’s Values Aligned With Give Nation

Kosovo’s values are very much in alignment with those of Give Nation’s, as Prime Minister Enrij Hoxha offered official support from the Kosovan Government.

Give Nation was born in 2017. InSchool launched its first experiments, and set up partnerships in the US and SE Asia: 5 different pilot schools were chosen and GIVE came into being.

In 2018, a pilot program was implemented in Pristina, Kosovo with 800 children ranging from . Give has started a bigger pilot program in Kosovo Q4-2019 before scaling to the whole country.

Give Nation Reaches Children Across The Country

GIVE Nation will launch its platform across the country so children across Kosovo can access Give’s tools and become full members of the GIVE Ecosystem; reaping numerous benefits including; gaining employable skills, self-esteem, altruism, sustainable citizenship, entrepreneurship and more.

“Educating kids to become entrepreneurs and reconnect with core principles and values” stated Arnaud during an interview at 70ra morning program in Kosovo earlier this year.
Arnaud was asked about the children’s reaction in relation to the Give app. “They loved it” he responded.

During that same interview he talked about Give’s mission and values:

“We are here to create the nation of all the kids in the world, a nation where sharing and giving are the most important. With Give, kids from 5-18 can learn how to manage money, they learn how to invest positively and earn money, and lastly, they learn how to support charities”.

“We look to help kids to reconnect with principles such as empathy, compassion, and altruism. In terms of financial literacy, we aim to teach kids how to become entrepreneurs”.

You and Give… making a difference together

Everyone deserves financial freedom.
We all can share our gifts with others.
Together, we truly make a difference, one young mind at a time.


Give Nation

Who is GIVE Nation?

Through the power of cryptocurrency, the Give Nation promotes an altruistic culture in young minds by improving the planet through promoting acts of kindness. The future generation, in return, achieves happiness and sustainable financial well-being through education and blockchain technology; while supporting charities.

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