New Video Series: 8 Reasons How Bitcoin Will Change the World



New Video Series Debuts – How Bitcoin Will Change the World has launched a new video series for those with crypto-curiousity. Offering a new look and an easily understandable lighthearted narrative style, the first episode which premiered Wednesday features the top eight ways Bitcoin will be changing the planet.

How Bitcoin Will Change the World

A brand-new video series debuted on’s Youtube channel Wednesday with the premiere episode concentrating on the leading ways Bitcoin will make a difference worldwide.

In addition to improving cross-border remittances and making little charitable contributions useful, the first “8 Ways Bitcoin Will Change the World” video discusses how the decentralized cryptocurrency fights inflation.

8 ways bitcoin will change the world

Other benefits include helping the unbanked and eliminating intermediaries and their costs from numerous kinds of transactions. The video also highlights how Bitcoin can be used as a tool to help financial transparency and help produce new energy infrastructure in impoverished neighborhoods as well as facilitate a series of brand-new fundraising choices.

Video Series for the Crypto-Curious

Marton Csuzi,’s Video Lead, explained that these videos are for all people who want to learn more about cryptocurrency. “There are almost 4 million people who downloaded our wallet at some point. We aim to create content for them, no matter what their expertise,” he expounded. Noting that people want to know more about crypto “but most of the conversations and articles get too technical very quickly,” he additionally stated:

We want to educate and entertain the crypto-curious audience about bitcoin cash and cryptocurrencies in an easy to understand, lighthearted way.

In the series, most of the videos will be short and simple to understand. Between 5 and 12 minutes depending on the topic, he commented “We want to create content that is engaging and provides value. We’d rather do something people want to watch twice, than something that they can’t sit through,” Csuzi remarked. New videos will be published every other Wednesday.

New Video Series Debuts – How Bitcoin Will Change the World

Also, the engaged audience can suggest topics by leaving comments below the videos. “If we think it would make a great video, we’ll make it happen,” Csuzi confirmed. Upcoming titles include “Top 10 Ways to Earn Bitcoin Cash,” “Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Items Purchased With Crypto,” and “Top Five Biggest Bitcoin Heists.”

What do you think of this new video series? Do you have a suggestion for a new video topic? Let us know in the comments section below.

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