How To Play mCash Dice Games Online With PC Or Smartphone

Play mCash Dice Online

How To Play mCash Dice Games On Your PC

On August the 12th 2019, mCash chain announced on their medium channel … After the successful launch of MCashChain mainnet, we are working non stop to migrate Mcashdice to Mcashchain. And today we are excited to announce that has been launched successfully on MCashChain with top speed thanks to the LightningSend feature!

So, as you can see from the video above we (CryptoScoopNews) have been testing the various ways of How To Play mCash Dice Games Online With PC Or Smartphone. And we have to say that everything works perfectly. the desktop version is actually quite useful as it allows one to take a little break from reality and utilize the mcashlight browser wallet to fund our mcashdice addiction … and yes, it can become a little addictive once you start playing the games.

These are very simple games and there isn’t much in visual representation, but as we mentioned above they work perfectly well and the integration on desktop PC’s between the games and mcashlight browser extension is seamless and hassle-free.

The video above explains everything you need to be able to play mcashdice games on your desktop … but it’s when you begin to utilize your smartphone that things get really interesting.

How To Play mCash Dice Games On Your Smartphone

The video above was created by our good friend Aaron Ting from Bitcoin Malaysia and it takes you through step by step on how to play mCash dice on your smartphones.

The games can be accessed from the dApps section of the Midas Protocol Wallet which is available to install from google play and the apple store.

We have also used this method to play some of our favorite mCash Games and again, the process is very simple and effective if you wish to try to increase your mcash holdings with games of chance …

There Are Several mCash Dice Games That Are Available To Play :

  • Coin Flip – Heads or Tails 50/50 – winning bet pays up to 1.88x
  • Dice – bet on numbers 1 to 6 – winning bet pays up to 5.65x
  • Two Dice – bet on the sum 2 to 12 – winning bet pays up to 33.91x
  • mCash Roll – any win chance 1% to 97% – winning bet pays up to 94.18x
  • mCash Rain – catch the rain drop between 0 & 99 – winning bet pays up to 94.18x
  • Diff Dice – bet on sub, 0 to 5 – winning bet pays up to 16.95x
  • mCash 4D – buy a lucky lotto 4D ticket – winning draw pays up to 1000x
  • Baccarat – Play the popular Macau card game – winning bet pays up to 8.67x
  • Roulette – Coming Soon!

So, there you have it, desktop or smartphone, it makes little difference, you can enjoy playing mCash Dice Games anywhere and at any time.

If you would like to help us with our mCash dice addiction then …

Our MCash Donation Address Is: MQsbaicJ4Yrq3xQ2kgGMY2RnGomQKzukdF Thank You

ALL profits and donations are currently being stored for the benefit of Give Nation, so please give generously … again, thank you!

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