International Conference on Industry 4.0 – MY INDUSTRIES 2019


International Conference on Industry 4.0
A Global Revolution in Business,
Technology & Productivity
October 14th – 16th, 2019

2019’s Industry 4.0 Conference, located at SEGi University, Kota Damansara provides an incredible opportunity for industrial and academic communities to address the latest trends, challenges, up and coming technologies and progress made in standards on highly relevant topics in the fast-moving areas of industry 4.0…all through its technical program.

“There is no event more important than for the Blockchain and Industry 4.0 in Malaysia this calendar year, graced by Prime Minister Tun Mahathir and 5 Ministers, to be held on 14th Oct. I am honoured to be part of the organising team” stated Aaron Ting, a leader in the community.

Offering oral, poster sessions, tutorials, and professional meetings, the MYINDUSTRIES 2019 conference. The goal of this cutting edge program is to promote and foster interaction, thereby opening the door to future cooperation between participating attendees.

As stated on their website, “All researchers and teams who develop research or recently became interested in the domains of Industry 4.0 are welcomed to join. Submitted papers are expected to cover state-of-the-art technologies, theoretical concepts, standards, products implementation, ongoing research projects and innovative applications of Industry 4.0.”

In a forward by Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad, Malaysia’s Prime Minister he stated:

“This gathering of minds and expertise will encourage a healthy environment for research and also addresses the many issues plaguing the industry, from interpretations of laws, compliance, and governance, legal implications, training, and development…all aspects necessary to elevate the Industry 4.0 sector.”

He also said:

“There is no simple approach in dealing with the multidimensional nature of industrial change. Even large businesses can become disrupted as change builds on change, leaving almost nothing certain. Yet to stand aside and not do anything is not an option. the paradox of industry 4.0 is that we have to ride the waves with the rest of the world that embrace it. Not keeping up will impede our opportunities to reap the benefits offered by the new industry.”

About Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

mahathir-bin-mohamadMahathir Mohamad was the fourth prime minister of Malaysia, holding office from 1981 to 2003. He improved the economy and was a champion of developing nations.

Mahathir had a significant impact on the economy, culture and government of Malaysia. He won five consecutive elections and served for 22 years, longer than any other prime minister in Malaysia’s history. Under him, Malaysia experienced rapid economic growth. He began privatizing government enterprises, including airlines, utilities, and telecommunications, which raised money for the government and improved working conditions for many employees, although many of the beneficiaries were UMNO supporters. One of his most significant infrastructure projects was the North-South Expressway, a highway that runs from the Thai border to Singapore.

Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad currently serves as the prime minister of Malaysia. He was appointed prime minister in 1981, retired in 2003, and returned to the office in 2018.

The goals of Industry 4.0:

To raise awareness and create industrial efficiency
Address the challenges of implementing Industry 4.0
To further enhance the vision of collaboration possibilities and benefits within the Industry 4.0 framework.
Presenting practical case studies of process automation and smart products.

Who is Industry 4.0 For?

Professionals from industries focusing on Industry 4.0 implementation
Engineers and IT specialists
Academics and researchers
CEOs, CTOs, and CFOs of business organisations
Small & medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)
Government agencies
Government-linked companies (GLCs)
Engineers and IT specialists
Academics and researchers

Industry 4.0 - Malaysia

You are welcome to register and visit Industry 4.0 to find out for yourself:


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