MASphere Lords – Passive Income August 2019

masphere not actual gameplay

MASphere Is A Next-Generation Blockchain Real-Time Strategy 4X Game

masphere lords passive incomeIt is based on the idea of multiplayer space colonization with a mass amount of unique planets to explore. Beyond the gameplay, MASphere is also a Passive Income Platform with a monthly payout being made to the MASphere Lords. We were lucky enough to become one of the MASphere Lords during the 1st Seed Round. There will be two further seed rounds, so keep your eyes open …

From the first month of MASphere planet sales, Lords start to receive passive income that is generated by McashDice game. MCashDice Edge reached 120,599.52 MCASH during August 2019. 50% of this edge — 60,299.76 MCASH will be paid to MASphere Lords in due course. Besides, as announced, to celebrate and to treasure the Lords that supported MASphere early, we added into the payout an additional 100,000 $Mcash this month. Together with the McashDice edge, the total reward will be shared among all 41 Planet NFTs (10 common, 10 uncommon, 11 rare, 10 epic) proportionately, according to their planet rank.


Planet rank Reward (MCASH) per one planet
Common  1,017.77
Uncommon 2,035.55
Rare 5,088.88
Epic 10,177.76


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