MASphere Space Colonisation Game – The Ultimate In Blockchain Gaming

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MASphere Is The Ultimate Blockchain Space Domination Game – CSN Exclusive

MASphere LogoMASphere is the first digital asset game on MCash Chain. It joins the boom in crypto-collectable games since the first blockchain game, CryptoPunks, started in June 2017. The next step in blockchain gaming was made by CryptoKitties in Nov 2017, which created its own market of valuable assets.

A decentralized crypto space colonisation game MASphere has started selling planets in their phase one launch. The team says that all the raised funds will be spent on building the DApp, where players can earn more MCash, the native currency of MCash Chain in gameplay.

MASphere Blockchain Space Game Is In Pre-launch Mode

MASphere is based on the idea of next-generation blockchain games which looks beyond collectables and exchanging tokens, injecting a gameplay experience that is reminiscent of the popular Civilisation series game. Instead of playing alone or with a group of friends, players in MASphere will play with an unlimited amount of players in an ongoing Real-Time Strategy (RTS) saga of galactic proportions.

The presale of Masphere planets, available in 4 categories including Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common in order of descending importance are available in Phase 1. Legendary, which is the highest category planet will only be available from Phase 2 onwards. There is a finite number of planets for sale during Phase 1, 2 and 3; and also in gameplay.

The in-game currency is MCash, the native currency of MCash Chain, a zero fee, scalable DApps platform with optional privacy. The digital assets (planets) can only be purchased initially during the pre-sale using Midas Protocol [MAS], an Ethereum20 token available in the Vinex Exchange, that powers the Midas Protocol wallet and ecosystem. The company also believes that its technology and smart contracts will help change the gaming world.

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Next Generation Blockchain Gaming Experience

MASphere is an interesting alternative to gamers who like an epic galactic RTS which can also generate value through gameplay in a totally secure environment which its Blockchain architecture provides. Unlike many Crypto games that features 2D illustrations or animations, MASphere will display your planets in the glory of 3D, which is another first in this space.

MASphere is free to play with 2 kinds of players, either Lords or Workers who have different goals in the game. To be a Lord, you will need to purchase a planet, but to play as workers it is free. The game is like a simulation management game for the Lords where they have to manage their assets on their planets including building and getting the Workers to work, while the Workers can enjoy a survival RPG experience. There is social mobility where Workers can become Lords on a different planet after spent enough time and gathering experience.

At the beginning of the game, the team will make planets of different classes available for sale and Lords will be able to harvest the planet. MASphere team says this step is supposed to be the starting point for the transformation of the game. The game will switch from building and harvesting to a modern, strategy game, in which players can launch attacks. There will be opportunities to launch attacks including Dropship and Alliance battle. In dropship, the Lords launch an attack on another planet once they gather Workers, and they can also form an Alliance of 2 or 3 and attack another alliance.


In an innovative move which no other Blockchain Games has introduced before, the team also announced that the revenue from other DApps in the MCash Chain — will be paid to the MASphere lords. This ensures that the economy in the MASphere Universe shall be able to expand accordingly as the MCash Chain network grows.

Midas Complete Blockchain Ecosystem

MCashChain is fully integrated within a larger Midas ecosystem, including Midas Wallet, Vinex.Network exchange and cross-chain exchange UniDex.

Midas & MCash Foundation —decentralized autonomous investment platforms to kick start frontier tech projects and grow MCashChain dApps ecosystem.
Vinex Network Crypto Exchange (Vinex.Network)—a dynamic and highly secured crypto centralized exchange for innovative cryptocurrencies
UniDex (—a Multi-Chain Decentralized Exchange for innovative cryptocurrencies
Midashimaya (—a crypto-enabled department store for physical, virtual and tokenized products,
MCashPay (—a secure Crypto Payment Gateway for C-commerce and gaming

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Our MCash Donation Address Is: MQsbaicJ4Yrq3xQ2kgGMY2RnGomQKzukdF

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