Meow Coin Cat Lover Project Founded By 9-Year-Old Malaysian Kid

meow coin cat lovers club

Meow Coin Project Brings Feline Lovers From Around The World Together, To Build A Community, And Provide Services To Their Pets.

rhys ting founder of meow coinRhys Ting, Founder of MeowCoin

Rhys, the founder of Meow Coin, has an unusual childhood in the sense he was homeschooled and never attending formal schools. He was also special as the word Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies is not a foreign word to him.

His father, Aaron, is an active proponent of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain since Rhys was only 2 years old. Listening to conversations about crypto and attending crypto events led him to ask if he could create his own coin for his favourite animals in the world, Cats.

Rhys is an adventurous and curious kid and was partly inspired by the Roblox game he plays on his PC. “I love playing ROBLOX and how the game allows players to build games and items for sale,” he said, “This helps me understand how an economy can be built inside a game“ When it comes to creating an ecosystem, “People must like it and it must be special“, he quipped.

rhys ting meow coin dreamDespite his young age, Rhys has learned about crypto and blockchain through his Dad and his Dad`s friends, he has been to blockchain events including Blockshow Singapore in 2018, and reads children illustrated books on Cryptography, and watches a lot of Youtube videos in pursuit of further knowledge.

The key moment for Rhys was during the Malaysia Blockchain Week Conference, held on the 20th June 2019 in Kuala Lumpur. He went up on stage with his 13-year-old brother Brycen and they performed a conversation between two kids about what Blockchain is. Rhys gladly answered his brother`s questions. Near the end of the conversation, the founder of Blockon, a premier crypto events company took the microphone and prodded Rhys on his dream project. It was then that Rhys first shared with the public his dream to start the Meow Coin project.

Rhys tells “I created MEOW Coin on the MCash Chain (a privacy optional, scalable, smart contract platform) with my Dad in 15 minutes, you can watch our video“


As a homeschool student, Rhys is the Founder of Meow Coin (MEOW), a community coin project for cat lovers to connect and learn from each other. Rhys started Meow Coin as a hobby initially and believes that Cats are the most adorable animals in the world and are universally liked by the majority of people.

“Meow Coin was started as a way to encourage cat lovers to actively engage with each other in a positive manner and to build an organic and real economy surrounding their favourite pets”. In the beginning, distribution of MEOW shall be by airdrops for participants who join the Meow Coin Facebook page and interacts through likes, shares or comments.

When the meow coin community grows to reasonably large size, we will then approach Pet Stores, Brands and Services catering to cats to accept MEOW in exchange for free gifts, discounts or bonuses. We also plan to have an online store presence so that goods can be purchased with MEOW or a combination of MEOW and other payment methods.

Rhys also envisions in the future there will be Meow Coin Reward Crates using Non Fungible Tokens that will enhance your pet-keeping experience.

The Council Of Meow …

rhys ting meow coin communityMeow Coin is establishing the Council of MEOW, which would create roles for adults and kids who shares his vision and want to grow Meow Coin. Rhys came up with most of the ideas including the original concept of a community coin, virtual cats, marketing and promotion programmes and looks forward to growing the project to its full potential .. if there is one thing on his side, it’s time!

The major challenges will be to educate the public about crypto and blockchain, and Rhys hopes that more cat lovers will learn about this decentralised technology that is noble and can help communities create value.

Let’s Help Support Rhys And His Meow Coin Dream … Join Today !


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