Ron Paul Calls Anti-Crypto Congressman Brad Sherman A Thug

Ron Paul Calls Anti-Crypto Congressman Brad Sherman A Thug

Ron Paul: Anti-Crypto Congressman Is ‘Just Another Thug in Washington’

Previous GOP lawmaker and former presidential candidate Ron Paul had some extreme words for Congressman Brad Sherman, who recently called for a ban on crypto purchases in the US. Ron Paul believes that a call by Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) to prohibit cryptocurrency purchases in the U.S. is a dreadful concept.

Paul talked about a variety of topics surrounding the cryptocurrency space while appearing on CoinDesk Live at Consensus 2019, including his belief that the federal government ought to leave crypto alone.

“Detail wise, I don’t know what they’re doing yesterday or today, but I do know they’re watching,” he said. “Whether it’s gold or peanuts or silver or whatever, they will not just give cryptocurrencies a free ride.”

Paul called the House Financial Services Committee member “just another thug in Washington.” after a congressional hearing on May 9th where Sherman stated “I look for colleagues to join with me in introducing a bill to outlaw cryptocurrency purchases by Americans,”

“They happen to believe they know what is best and they will run the show. They want to be the boss, they’re dictators, and he’s not unusual,” Paul stated, adding:

“He’s very typical in all degrees in all issues, whether it’s a social issue, like a few years ago when they decided the worst thing in the world is smoking marijuana.” “People like him are driven by power,” he opined.

“I think anarchy comes from the Brad Shermans of the world, because they break down the world and that’s how you have anarchy in [Venezuela], because of [too much government],” he said.

Ron Paul Calls out Brad Sherman

Paul also commented that one of the main reasons lawmakers and regulators may be looking at cryptocurrencies, in particular, is due to the fact that they “challenge the status quo of the monetary system.

New Money vs Old Money

With this in mind, Paul noted that the current U.S. monetary system and economy may be running on borrowed time, citing high debt levels as one major example.

“The system we have today is not viable, it’s out of control, the amount of debt that’s building up we might end up with the dollar but not the system,” Paul stated, pointing to issues such as social, military and corporate welfare as reasons for this.

“That is the system, and we are flat out broke, we’ve been broke for some time,” he commented. “There will be liquidation, when the debt gets this big, the debt has to disappear.”

Cryptocurrency may play a role in preventing this he said, adding:

“I don’t know how it will evolve and I don’t know the technology but I’m enthusiastic about the alternatives and the competition and the … way it’s set up, that’s what they promised, is limitations.”

All things considered, the primary obstacle is “choice.” People need to be able to establish and use alternatives, he stated.

Asked what sort of cryptocurrency policy he may have if he was running for president, Paul said he would advocate for what is basically a light-touch regulative routine, saying:

“I can only speak for myself but I think it’s pretty important is not to come in and the first two to three options on cryptocurrency are ‘one’s better than another and we want to manage it,’ no, you turn it loose … you try to keep the government out of it as much as possible.”

“There’s probably more regulators on the financial markets than I would have but if you didn’t have anybody punishing people who defrauded people, there’s still a lot of fraud,” he stated, though he also noted that regulations haven’t really prevented fraud either.

In a perfect situation, Paul would like to decentralize regulatory authority, so that agencies based in Washington, D.C. or New York City don’t control the rest of the nation’s startups and businesses.

“Government should be so small that nobody has a financial advantage to being there,” he said.

At the end of October 2018 Ron Paul Says crypto could prevent recession and called for a tax exemption on all cryptocurrencies, saying the move could prevent an economic recession.

Ron Paul, the father of current United States Senator Rand Paul, made the suggestion in a blog post entitled “Trump Is Right, the Fed Is Crazy,” where he blasted the Federal Reserve for manipulating interest rates.

“It is likely that the next Fed-created recession will come sooner rather than later,” Paul wrote. “This could be the major catastrophe that leads to the end of fiat currency.”

Paul said the only way to avoid such a crisis is to allow people to use alternative currencies and to exempt “all transactions in precious metals and cryptocurrencies from capital gains taxes and other taxes.”

Then, in December, Paul repeated his calls to abolish the Federal Reserve shortly after it raised the baseline interest rate a quarter of a percentage point, to a range of 2.25% to 2.5%.

That was the fourth time that the Fed — the central banking system of the United States — raised interest rates in 2018. The move sparked renewed fears of a US recession that could potentially trigger a global recession in 2019.

Ron Paul said the Federal Reserve should let the free market dictate interest rates instead of artificially manipulating them. Obviously, he still stands on the issue after calling out congressman Brad Sherman.

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