Support For Lightning Network Use On Twitter – Tweets Jack Dorsey

Support For Lightning Network On Twitter

Support For Lightning Network On Twitter

Jack Dorsey has endorsed the recent launch of a Twitter in-browser tipping extension built using the Lightning Network. The 2nd layer scaling service launched in 2018 permits near-instant, feeless payments in Bitcoin and by utilizing the new Tippin extension, users can show their support for posters’ material financially.

Twitter users can add Tippin to either Chrome or Firefox. When set up, each Tweet will have a lightning bolt sign beside it, a sign popularly used by Twitter users to indicate their interest in Bitcoin and more particularly, the development of the Lightning Network itself

Tippin Impresses Dorsey, When Will Lightning Support be Native to Twitter?

After Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently took part in a crypto community-run effort to spread awareness of the Lightning Network, lots of observers asked when support for the 2nd layer scaling option added to Bitcoin would come to the social media. Up until now, there has actually been no word as to when (and even if) Twitter would incorporate Lightning payments.

However, although the just recently produced Tippin web browser extension is not an integrated function for every single Twitter user, its use will certainly work as an exceptional “proof-of-concept” for those accountable for new features at the site.

In truth, Dorsey was so satisfied that he seized the day to Tweet the news of the launch to his 4.14 million fans:

The Tippin internet browser extension is the work of developer Sergio Abril. According to the project’s Medium account, the software application is still under development however is totally practical at present.

To receive tips using the Tippin plugin, Twitter users merely login to their account through the Tippin website. Tips are then stored in a custodial wallet created by the service. To send out tips is a little more involved. This needs users to create a Lightning Network wallet and a channel with Tippin to make Lightning deals.

Although not explicitly detailed, the author of the Medium post detailing how Tippin works hinted at its integration with other media platforms, such as Medium itself and YouTube. This might eventually trigger a big shift in the way online material is monetised.

Jack’s Not a New Crypto Convert

Obviously, it should come as little surprise that Jack Dorsey is endorsing the use of Lightning Network so clearly. The Twitter executive is also the CEO of the crypto-friendly mobile payments firm, Square, as well as being an early investor in the Lightning Network development start-up, Lightning Labs.

Dorsey is also delighted about the potential future of Bitcoin more typically too. At a conference in New York last year, he specified:

“The internet is going to have a native currency so let’s not wait for it to happen, let’s help it happen. I don’t know if it will be bitcoin but I hope it will be.”

With his current public recommendations of the Lightning Network and Square’s announcement to support the layer two innovation through its Cash App, Dorsey is certainly making every move within his power to guarantee that Bitcoin will one day become the consentaneous currency of the web.

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