The Generation Z Crypto Kids – Blockchain Isn’t Just For Grown-Ups!

Generation Z Crypto Kids

Blockchain For Generation Z Children – Technology Is Evolving

All of us talk daily about how much Bitcoin (LTC, ETH, XRT, ZZZ, BTW, FYI, … you name it!) earns. But what about the generation Z children of this world, who readily accept all the latest technology and innovations we can provide? … By The Way, For Your Information, ZZZ is a genuine token!

We babble about the most recent ICO and its advanced ‘Proof of …’. We explore together what the world would resemble when … blockchain will have covered the entire planet, modified (or much better said, improved) all business processes and end up being the new digital reconstruction that it ought to be.

From Inception to Mass Market

The amusing thing is that when I look at the variety of Blockchain wallets used worldwide, according to Statista, we are still in the early infancy of this innovation with such an amazing potential with … 25M wallets. That is to say, presuming one wallet per person (not likely), we have an optimum of 0.35% of the world’s population using blockchain!

Gen Z crossing the chasm


Based on this chart, we are yet in the Innovators stage and have yet to make a big leap forward to get the attention of the Early Adopters and beyond.

Are We Ready To Get To 1B Wallets? 5 Billion?

For this to occur we need to produce ‘killer apps’ that would actually make a difference in individuals’ lives and more significantly help them integrate blockchain as their ‘New Normal’ every day. Applications that are so simple to use that … a kid might have fun with it. We want to develop new methods to connect with information that can be comprehended by everyone and reveal the incredible capacity that all of us see in the blockchain.

Preparing The Crypto Generation Z

This is one of the reason why we believe so much in our mission at The Give Foundation.

Our organisation believe that it is paramount to create a token that is so simple to use that a 5-year-old might utilize it. How would they play with it?

We believe that we should think now about how to prepare generation Z (4 to 24 year olds) to a world completely powered by blockchain. What wonderful things would they develop?

We believe that blockchain is primarily about helping communities and individuals to grow, to be their finest selves, and get empowered in the process, in innumerable ways which we can not fathom yet. How quickly would such empowered communities develop and grow?

We Believe That The Future Is Now

And it is time for us to understand it and lay it out for the generations to come, to produce a freer, more transparent, trustful and selfless world where currencies have purposeful significances and functions that help us create, every day, a better world.

So, let’s give together to the next generation the required tools to favourably broaden, grow and explore. Tools that can be used by the many and not just the few!

Blockchain isn’t just for grown-ups!

Join us now and let’s prepare the next generation z of blockchain passionates and donors.

Let’s prepare the future, now!

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