Tokyo’s Hottest Nightclubs Plan To Accept Bitcoin Cash

Tokyo’s Hottest Nightclubs Plan To Accept Bitcoin Cash

4 of Tokyo’s Hottest Nightclubs Plan to Accept Bitcoin Cash

Japan is presently the 3rd densest region of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) accepting merchants. In order to keep the adoption ball rolling, this week a passionate BCH supporter talked the owners of Tokyo-based luxury lounge Mezzo into accepting BCH at three more popular nightclubs in the Tokyo district. The owners exposed that the Japanese clubs V2, Ele, Villa, and Mezzo’s food and beverage cafe Ruby will be accepting BCH for beverages and services this April.

Bitcoin Cash Joins Tokyo’s Nightlife

Thanks to a passionate BCH lover, 4 of the hottest bars in Tokyo will be accepting bitcoin cash for beverages and amenities. Since Japan legislated cryptocurrency payments in April 2017, the nation has actually become a hotbed for digital currency accepting merchants and organisations establishing exchange operations. Japan is likewise understood as being the third most popular area for BCH-accepting retailers. At the time of writing, there are 57 different merchants in Japan who invite BCH for payments. Now, among the organizers of the Tokyo BCH meetup, Akane Yokoo, has gotten the owners of Mezzo to extend their BCH approval to 4 other facilities (three nightclubs and one coffee shop). Mezzo is a luxury lounge in Tokyo which already accepted BCH for meals, beverages, and services.

Mezzo Nightclub Plan to Accept Bitcoin Cash
The luxury lounge Mezzo already accepted BCH and starting this April, the nightclubs Villa Tokyo, V2, Ele, and Mezzo’s Ruby cafe will accept the decentralized cryptocurrency.

Yokoo explained that the BCH meetups in Tokyo are in some cases held at the Mezzo high-end lounge in Roppongi and the club is thought to be among the hottest bars in Gaien Higashi-Dori. In addition, the club utilizes a wallet to accept BCH, which suggests the owners are accepting the cryptocurrency on the rocks, rather than instantly offering it for yen with a payment processor. Yokoo informed our newsdesk that the Mezzo owners will now accept BCH at 4 other facilities they own: V2, Ele, Villa, and Mezzo’s coffee shop called Ruby.

“We are truly delighted to see a few of the most significant clubs in Tokyo accepting bitcoin cash payments,” Yokoo detailed throughout our discussion. “It would be good for foreign tourists who wish to utilize bitcoin cash when they come to Tokyo and want to go to bars also.”

V2 Tokyo Nightclub Plan to Accept Bitcoin Cash

BCH Supporters Push Merchant Adoption Relentlessly

V2 Tokyo is a well-known bar located in the center of Roppongi that sits atop a very large building. According to evaluations, the club has “killer views” and hosts a few of the most popular DJs in the market. Ele Tokyo is another linked club which was constructed to provide the “world’s greatest quality home entertainment.”

Ele nightclub Plan to Accept Bitcoin Cash

The Ele bar is thought about as a “high-class advanced” facility for adults. Last April, Villa Tokyo ended up being the current addition to Roppongi’s nightlife scene, a block away from the main Gaien Higashi-Dori drag. The club was formerly referred to as Feria but considering that the brand-new owners took over, the place has ended up being considered an “interesting new choice for a night out in Roppongi” according to reviews. Mezzo’s Ruby coffee shop will also accept BCH for food and beverages, the owners described to Yokoo.

V1LLA Nightclub Plan to Accept Bitcoin Cash

Mezzo’s owners have detailed to Yokoo that the four services will begin accepting BCH this April. Yokoo is incredibly happy to onboard another four establishments, having already convinced numerous Tokyo-based companies to accept the digital currency. The story follows in the wake of another consistent BCH fan who persuaded the popular website to accept bitcoin cash for membership services. BCH advocates are convinced that real life adoption starts by getting lots of merchants onboard with decentralized currencies. Up until now in regions such as Japan, Slovenia, and North Queensland, the concept seems to be working.

What do you think about the three nightclubs owned by Mezzo accepting BCH for drinks and services this April? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Image credits: V2 Tokyo, Ele, Villa, and the Mezzo.

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