TRON Arcade Announces New HyperSnakes Game


TRON and MixMarvel Bring to the Blockchain

TRON Arcade, TRON’s 100 million USD game fund, announces a new game: HyperSnakes.

Established by MixMarvel, the well-known studio behind top ETH game HyperDragons, HyperSnakes introduces brand-new abilities and battle royale mechanics to traditional gameplay. Players can take on each other for free (and earn cryptocurrency for their participation), or raise the stakes by adding their own TRX (TRON’s native coin) to the reward pool.

As the first worldwide, real-time multiplayer blockchain game, HyperSnakes is a development for the industry in terms of video game quality and technological facilities. A free-to-play mode where anybody can play and earn, with or without a wallet, removes the usual entry barriers found in blockchain games. The addictive gameplay and reward system can base on their own to bring in mainstream audiences and produce wider adoption for crypto and blockchain.

Together, MixMarvel & TRON Arcade are trailblazing the next generation of gaming, where players are rewarded for their considerable contributions to the video gaming ecosystem.

MixMarvel & TRON Arcade


HyperSnake’s core gameplay resembles its predecessor. Control your snake avatar, gather dots to grow longer, and beat other players to end up being the longest snake in the arena. The mechanics are easy to pick up and provide enough depth to keep players amused.

MixMarvel is upping the ante by adding a number of features to shake things up. Snakes can now obtain abilities like shielding, EMPs, speed boosts, and more. Utilize them wisely to get an edge on the competitors!

As the game progresses, the play zone shrinks to help with interaction in between the players and put their skills to the test. Some players will play defensively as they attempt to stay alive in cramped corridors, and others will strongly try to catch airdrops which contain important resources and cryptocurrency rewards.

HyperSnake’s core gameplay

TRON Arcade’s Progress

TRON Arcade is dedicated to bringing power back to the players by financing and publishing high-quality games in the blockchain space. Since November 29th, 2018, TRON Arcade has actually published titles like TronGoo, EpicDragons, Blockchain Cuties, etc. which have ended up being the most popular decentralized applications throughout all blockchains, according to DappRadar. In January 2019, transaction volume on TRON’s DApps substantially outpaced those on ETH and EOS.

TronGoo, EpicDragons, Blockchain Cuties

Quality games from talented development teams have found their way to TRON for the platforms usability and TRON Arcade’s extensive support.

The first wave of development activity was comprised of groups migrating from Ethereum. TRON’s compatibility with Solidity enabled designers to quickly convert their code. With the help of intuitive developer tools like TronLink and TronGrid, many designers had the ability to port their game to TRON within a couple of weeks if not days. Now, developers are leveraging TRON’s speed & scalability, like TRON’s 3-second block time, to develop much better gaming experiences.

TRON Arcade’s success can also be attributed to key strategic partnerships with crucial players in the space, like gumi Cryptos, Mars Finance, and Cocos-BCX. Dealing with these leaders in both standard and blockchain video gaming, TRON Arcade continues to determine and support the best designers in the space.

HyperSnakes tron arcade crypto blockchain gamingMore games are presently in development and will continue to be released throughout the year. Highlights from this group include: 0xWarriors, from award-winning team 0xGames; TRON RAIDER, from INFUN (former Tencent & Ubisoft); HyperDragons, from MixMarvel; LORDLESS & CryptoDungeons, top ETH titles.

The Vision

TRON & MixMarvel are identified to bring high production value and deep gameplay to players and blockchain enthusiasts alike. Blockchain gaming is an opportunity to change the misaligned incentives of conventional video game economies, present fairer monetization practices, supply players with real ownership of in-game assets, therefore much more.

MixMarvel CEO Jade Zhang states, “Blockchain gaming has limitless capacity, however the space presently lacks a game that will lead to mass adoption. With HyperSnakes’ polished graphics, smooth user on-boarding experience, and real-time PvP gameplay, MixMarvel & TRON Arcade wish to inspire new blockchain gaming experiences that bridge blockchain and mainstream video gaming.”

TRON Foundation CEO Justin Sun says “Blockchain video gaming is starting to draw in serious skill, like MixMarvel’s development team. It appears like a growing number of developers are acknowledging the possible audience they can find in blockchain, consisting of the over 100 million active users on BitTorrent and TRON.”

The GDC Event

The GDC Event

On March 19th, during the week of GDC, TRON will be hosting a blockchain gaming mini-summit in association with Cocos-BCX. The half-day event, ranging from 1pm to 7:30 pm is totally free to go to and will offer a focused space for blockchain video game designers, platforms, tool-makers, investors, press, and others thinking about the space to discuss key problems, patterns, and chances in a nice relaxing setting.

Check out the event if you’re interested in hearing speakers from Crypto Kitties, Reality Clash, Valerian Capital, Mythical Games, and more.

About MixMarvel

MIXMARVEL is a community and content sharing platform where blockchain lovers can create their own content and connect with peers. No matter if you are a veteran blockchain professional, an early adopter or recently joined enthusiast, you can enjoy whatever blockchain and decentralization have to provide in a fun and interesting community.

About TRON & TRON Arcade

TRON is creating a boundary-free decentralized web that inspires development across industries. TRON is committed to returning personal privacy and ownership to the people. TRON Arcade is TRON’s blockchain game fund with 100 million USD to be invested over the next 3 years. The objective of the fund is to construct the structure for a robust blockchain game ecosystem by empowering designers to produce new video gaming experiences. Arcade has lofty goals. We believe gaming can be the mainstream use case that catalyzes the mass adoption of blockchain technology as a whole. Let’s work together:

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