Clueless UK Crims Smash And Grab Bitcoin ATM



Basing on articles in UK news publication Northampton Chronicle, a Bitcoin ATM situated in a grocery store has been targeted in the Northampton area by burglars in a brazen robbery. A team of three people are wanted in connection with the offence.

In the course of the incident, one of the trio menaced a shop keeper with a machete, whilst another smashed the Bitcoin ATM from the wall with a sledgehammer. The authorities are still to disclose the financial cost of the robbery.

UK: Armed Robbers Make Off With Bitcoin ATM

The Bitcoin ATM robbery supposedly happened at around 20:30 on the evening of Tuesday, March 12. The local police constabulary did not report the occurrence up until earlier today, nevertheless.

Costcutter Bitcoin ATMAccording to statements from the authorities, three individuals chose a branch of a Costcutter corner store on the evening in question. One of the men, waited outside, whilst the other 2 went into the store to carry out their plan. Wielding a curved machete, one of the set threatened the shop assistant. Meanwhile, the 2nd utilized a sledgehammer to remove the store’s Bitcoin ATM from the wall with extreme force.

Seemingly only interested in the exchange terminal, the three promptly left the scene with the unit. They are reported to have fled down Haines Road and then Euston Roadway.

According to a representative for the local police:

“All the men wore face coverings and gloves. The one with the machete is described as wearing a black balaclava, black puffer parka jacket, blue jogging bottoms and light coloured trainers. The man with the sledgehammer wore a black balaclava, grey/green puffer style parka jacket, black jogging bottoms and black trainers. The third man wore a grey puffer style parka jacket and had a grey face covering.”

Cops are presently appealing for any witnesses or people with understanding of the Bitcoin ATM break-in incident to contact them with any info. They can call the Northampton Police on its non-emergency line, +101.

No Bitcoin Stored in this Machine Overnight…

As talked about, there is no indication regarding how much the trio of robbers swiped. Nevertheless, based on knowledge of the current UK cryptocurrency market, it can not have been a good deal. Earlier this month, NewsBTC mentioned on a survey of UK consumers’ expertise of digital assets. The results showed that just three percent of those questioned had ever purchased crypto and of that number, only around half had ever spent more than ₤ 200 on digital assets.

These findings, coupled with the huge commissions often charged by Bitcoin ATMs that discourage their use, indicate that the reported robbery of the Bitcoin ATM might not have been as rewarding as the trio initially counted on. Seemingly, those involved in the incident did not show the same amount of sophistication as the recently reported Calgary criminal group who targeted Bitcoin ATMs during 2018 to the tune of $145,000.

Maybe the Northampton robbers were labouring under the exact same misguided pretences as those who allegedly attacked the Bitcoin ATM in the Tweet below …

Stolen Bitcoin Atm

Featured Image from Shutterstock.

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