What Do Potential Crypto Adopters Search For?


A Large Majority Of Crypto Companies Have NO CLUE What Potential Customers Are Looking For!

Typically 75 percent of individuals worldwide are “aware” of cryptocurrencies, in terms of in fact comprehending what crypto is, only 50 percent of respondents answered positively.

On average, the percentage of participants who own crypto was higher than the percentage of those who plan to buy. Japan ranked greatest in ownership at 11 percent, compared to an average of 7 percent globally. China, which has actually seen a wave of heavy-handed anti-crypto measures, had the lowest ownership level of 3 percent. The analysts specify that a higher ownership rate over intent to purchase from non-owners could show that “a bulk of the early adopters are currently on board.”

The study also showed that higher levels of education correlate with greater levels of crypto ownership (12 percent high education vs 4 percent low education), as well as with buying objective and knowledge of cryptocurrencies (67 percent high vs. 33 percent low)keep reading

How Do People Search For Crypto Information?

The most obvious answer to this question is via search engines, whether that be via their desktops, tablet devices or smartphones … Google has market dominance over every other search engine out there, so we will focus mainly on their platform … however, a vast number of people search for information regarding crypto every day! .. let’s give you some general statistics to inform you of how these searches are divided up …

  • An average 31.5 percent of search traffic is normally taken up by position #1 on the search engine results page
  • On average 91.5 percent of all traffic is divided up between all the listings on page 1
  • 1,890 words is the average length of articles found on page 1 of Google
  • 51% of ALL website traffic comes from organic search, 10% from paid search, a measly 5% from social and 34% from all other sources
  • Over 40% of revenue is captured from organic searches made by potential customers
  • An estimated 73 BILLION phone calls will be made worldwide from mobile search alone

snip ranker videoSo, Why Aren’t Crypto Startups Focusing On Search Engine Placements?

The answer to this one is actually a lot simpler than many believe … it’s because they have NO IDEA what Potential Crypto Adopters are searching for … they don’t know where to begin in even attempting to try and capture some of that juicy low hanging fruit just waiting for them to come along and answer their questions.

  • 39% of users were influenced by a relevant search result
  • Approximately 8% of search queries were phrased as questions
  • The average number of words used within a search phrase is 3, many are much longer than this
  • 40%+ of mobile searches result in a click to a website
  • 62%+ of desktop searches result in a click to a website

It’s Just TOO Difficult …

In the region of 99% of crypto startups find it too difficult to find the information they need to successfully garner additional customers from search engines. They prefer to do the easy stuff and stick to offering bounties and airdrops to those that help them get their message across via social media. In our opinion this de-values the crypto asset from the get go, and bring only sellers and not buyers …

However, if social media only accounts for 5% of the traffic, I would say they are missing out on a massive alternative method in securing additional customers … and until now, the cost of doing anything search engine related was simply out of reach for the ‘small guys’ …

There Is A Low-Cost Solution …

At Brixcoin, we are more than just cryptocurrency developers, we own and manage website hosting, domain registrations, masternode vps’s and much more. What many people don’t know is that many of the Brixcoin team came from a background of marketing.

For successful marketing you need data … lots and lots of data … and one section of our development arm is closely associated with software development. We assist in the ideas, concept, preparation and testing of software that mines data rather than cryptocurrency … without this crucial data, a marketing strategy will more than likely either fall short OR completely fail in it’s objective in finding customers that are interested in your product or the services that you can provide.

Marketing relies heavily on two major factors :

  1. Questions : A problem looking for a solution
  2. Answers : The solution to a problem

However, if you don’t know what the questions are, how are you to answer them in a relevant, concise manner that will result in the growth of trust and sales between you and your potential customers …

Here’s The Solution …

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Go ahead and click the image above and you will find ALL the information about this innovative and groundbreaking software that will find ALL the questions that Potential Crypto Adopters Are Searching For … and in addition to this …

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