Will This Be The Catalyst To End The Crypto Winter?

crypto winter


Robert Kiyosaki: The US Dollar Is A Scam

According to Robert Kiyosaki, fiat currencies will be the first to decrease. And the reason is rather clear. Never in the history of mankind was there a period in which every country printed money out of thin air. In the United States, it’s the Federal Reserve that prints an unlimited quantity of money, but presently nearly all nations have an equivalent of a Federal Reserve that prints unbacked fiat currency. Usually, fiat currencies are backed by gold, silver and other assets to cover their value, but this isn’t evident today.

The United States Federal Reserve is printing 85$ billion a month, amounting to 1$ trillion a year … every year. This is what causes inflation, but the inflation rate still hasn’t reached the real currency supply. According to Robert Kiyosaki and a few of his consultants, after the fiat currency crash, we will see an immediate crash of the stock market. When this takes place, you will know that the biggest monetary crisis of all of humanity’s history has begun. The Real Estate bubble will be the next to follow, because of several aspects and reasons.

A similar scenario can be said of many cryptocurrency projects currently in existence, they are ‘minting’ coins out of thin air in the hope that the underlying technology brings value to the coin as a whole. Numerous unscrupulous projects exist that have raised millions of dollars towards a plan that are either technically unable or unwilling to develop their projects further to enhance the underlying value of their project. Further problems exist in the form of the ever-popular exit scam, where investors pay up front for ‘potential’ development only for the developer team just to walk away with the raised funds, never to be seen again … this leaves investors in a precarious position with no ‘safety net’ in a scenario where the cryptocurrency of their choice falls to zero value.

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Bitcoin, down some 80% from its all-time highs, has likely lost more advocates than it’s gained over the last year, with numerous investors and traders having a hard time to justify their belief in the technology in the face of stalling adoption and banks putting closely-watched strategies to wade into bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on hold.

Very few, if any, cryptocurrencies in existence today have their own value, they are either linked directly or indirectly to the granddaddy of them all, Bitcoin. Let’s take the scenario now, where the fiat currency itself has collapsed, where does this leave the cryptocurrency market … another big fat ZERO!

Cryptocurrencies Can Make You Rich, But Gold Will Keep You Safe

gold ingotsYou know that if you have some gold saved someplace, you’re pretty safe. You’ll quickly survive problems like inflation, devaluation, bank closures and collapses. That’s always the biggest advantage of precious metals: Safety. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are still a relatively new phenomenon.

They remain in no way as safe and secure as precious metals and no smart investor will ever keep a hundred percent of his assets in cryptocurrencies. This could alter dramatically over the next couple of weeks, months and most certainly over the next few years.

The best profits are constantly made in the places everyone will tell you, ‘you are insane for investing’. Cryptocurrencies were called a Ponzi scheme and a fraud however today all countries and corporations are aware of the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

There is a lot to think about when discussing the future of rare-earth elements and cryptocurrency in general. It’s appropriate that with the development of innovation cryptocurrencies will see unbelievable gains in their values in the future. There will constantly be unexpected issues so gold and silver will still be the reliable physical assets to own.

Having Your Cryptocurrency Cake And Eating It

broke but rich in crypto cake topperThere are numerous stable coins available to all types of investors, coins linked to fiat currency, coins linked to gold and silver, coins linked to coffee, petroleum and all manner of other physical and hypothetical assets around the world. Unfortunately, these types of cryptocurrency assets are, shall we say, a little boring and predictable and restrict potential rewards to investors, no wonder the banks and financial institutions of the world love them.

EziGold is bucking the entire cryptocurrency trend by solving many of the issues raised within this article and are in the process of securing their intellectual rights before revealing anything to the general public or cryptocurrency communities at large. Due to current non-disclosure agreements that are in place, we (CryptoScoop) cannot divulge any details of this upcoming and potentially game-changing outline, however, they have stated to us that any persons that pre-register on their website, will be privy to comprehensive details via email correspondence before the company goes public with their findings.

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We further understand that the company is busy registering a formal business structure that includes the appointment of an official auditing firm to oversee all company assets and financial processes.

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